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The Amazon Kindle Fire made its way through the Internet about 2-3 months ago and then, people didn’t know how to react to the news because Amazon is not exactly a company that manufactures tablets that could compete with the likes of the Apples and Samsung’s. But as news of specs, price and customized Android came out, people started getting excited and for many, the Amazon Kindle Fire was a mystery they wanted to unravel eagerly. Manufacturing a tablet that is low cost, performs well and is user friendly is kind of a really difficult task to accomplish, but somehow Amazon managed to find a common line between all of these features and produced one hell of a laptop at a very impressive price!
Amazon Kindle Fire
In our world, the Amazon Kindle Fire is that very tablet that could change the course of tablet PCs entirely! A game changer as you may call it. By selling a tablet that performs well, is equipped with competitive specs and does about everything you do in a tablet in an above average manner while at the same time costing half or even one fourth of the total cost of its competitors, the Amazon Kindle Fire will force future tablets to be priced and equipped well. With this, Amazon has a winner in its hands. Before we praise more of this tablet, continue reading and see why we praise this tablet so much!
Amazon Kindle Fire
Hardware Specs:
You might expect the specs of the Kindle Fire to be something less than what the Apple iPad offer and there you might be wrong. Because the Amazon Kindle Fire is equipped with a dual core 1GHz TI OMAP processor, which is the same processor that powers a lot of tablets including the Blackberry PlayBook and just like the iPad, it is paired with only a 512 MB RAM. The specs may not be so impressive with the NVIDIA 3 tegra chipset and quad core processors making its way to tablets, but what you get in the Kindle is still one of the best you get in the market.
You might find the 8GB of internal storage a very troublesome feature and it surely is! The worst part is that it doesn’t even come with a microSD slot to extend the memory. But on the bright side, all your apps that you bought will be safe and they let you stream all the multimedia files that you have. If you are the person who would like to dump your tab with everything that you have, then the Kindle would not be a very good choice for a tablet. We would have loved to see a 16GB and 32GB version of the kindle and i am pretty sure that people wouldn’t mind shedding that extra bit of cash for the higher storage tabs.
Amazon Kindle Fire
You should know that the Amazon Kindle is not a GSM device, hence you will not have access to the various GSM networks like 2G, 3G or 4G. So, you will have to rely connectivity solely on WiFi just like your laptop. But unlike your laptop, the Kindle doesn’t come with Bluetooth.
Screen, Camera & Design:
A good screen is something that every consumer would look into and we are thankful that Amazon did not forget that. The Amazon Kindle Fire is equipped with a 1024 x 600 IPS LCD panel and let me tell you that Amazon did not screw up their screen just to reduce cost. This 7 inch screen may not be as great as the iPad, but it ain’t far behind the Apple tablet. The brightness, colors and viewing angles are all good enough to make you say “this is pretty good for the price”!
Here is the surprise! The Amazon Kindle Fire does not come with a camera. That’s not the only feature that Amazon had stripped from the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire lacks GPS (which means there is no maps), no HDMI output, no calendar, GSM Network support, no microphone, no slot for microSD card and a few others that don’t matter much. Now you would wonder who in the world would buy the Amazon Kindle Fire? The real question would be, who wouldn’t? The Amazon Kindle Fire is not the #2 tablet for no reason!
Amazon Kindle Fire
The Amazon Kindle Fire surprisingly looks really good. It looks similar to the Blackberry Playbook, but not identical. It even comes with a really impressive box. The rear is just a simple dark grey slab where Kindle is subtly embedded into the design. There is not much to say about the design, so i will just leave it at that.
Amazon Kindle Fire
Battery Life & Software:
This 7 inch tablet does not compete with the Amazon predecessor redaders, but the Kindle has created a market of its own. The Fire managed to give about 7 hours of heavy usage, which is exactly what the company had told us. It surely is not as great as the iPad or is it as great as the Galaxy tabs, but it sure does beat the likes of the Playbook and the Acer Iconia Tab. Overall, the battery life is pretty decent for the price it sells.
Unlike the other Android tablets, that run on the Honeycomb OS, the Kindle runs on the 2.3 Gingerbread OS. But however, the Fire comes with Amazons own customized version of the Gingerbread. Navigation through the phone was somewhat similar to the iOS 5, but nonetheless very user friendly. Performance wasn’t bad at all and you can play games like Angry birds and Fruit Ninja without any lag or problems. Its only the high end games like Assassins Creed that can cause little lags here and there. The Fire however has no access to the Android Market and side-loading apps can be done, but some might cause the Kindle to crash. The Kindle does produce all the important and compatible apps at your demand.
Amazon Kindle Fire
For the amazon services, you will have to buy the Kindle Fire as it does a really good job with it. So who would want to buy this tablet you might ask? This is for those people who wants a good enough tablet that does work like stream videos, music, surf the internet, buy videos, use amazon services, play basic games, create a shopping list, etc. This is a tablet for those people who would like to get daily things done without any fancies and that is what most of the consumers are looking for and at a price of $199, Amazon managed to grab that market who insisted on not buying tabs that costs more for doing basic needs that can be done on the phone or a computer. This is why i have been praising the Kindle Fire so much as it has all the necessities that a person would want.

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